Discover the Perfect Yoga Journey for You!


Transform your wellness journey with a yoga experience tailored just for your body, guided by my 30 years of dedicated yoga instruction. Whether you’re taking the first steps into yoga with limited flexibility, navigating recovery from an injury with a need for a custom-crafted session, or seeking to enrich your established yoga practice with new techniques, I’m here to support and gently challenge you toward your goals.

Embark on a journey of gentle discovery and self-improvement through our carefully designed yoga sessions. Choose between comforting floor sessions or accessible chair yoga, each beginning with soothing relaxation and breathing exercises. Progress through gentle warm-up stretches into tailored yoga postures, culminating in a deeply relaxing 10-minute final relaxation to beautifully round off your session.

Let’s ignite the spark of daily yoga practice together, focusing not on limitations, but on exploring the possibilities of what you CAN achieve. Embrace a yoga session that meets you exactly where you are today, and be inspired to incorporate this transformative practice into your everyday life. Begin your journey to a more flexible, stronger, and serene self with us.

*Each session is based on the client’s extremely unique circumstances and life experiences.