2024 Summer Solstice




This is an invite-only event!

You are exclusively invited to Summer Solstice Gathering of Extraordinary WISE Women & Healers

 You are receiving this invitation from Great Spirit

to sit in this sacred women’s solstice circle.

 Ah Ho!

 I am excited to facilitate a high-energy journey into the deepest part of your soul self; your highest purpose self.

The part of you that remains hidden in the shadows and blocks our connection to our greatest gifts.

Be prepared to take a major deep dive into connecting with our primordial grandmothers and opening a large space for your highest heart.  If you are experiencing stuckness and disconnection from your body and specifically your heart…plan to explode those obstacles.

If you would like to open to love but your heart is shut down, blocked off, and permanently closed, these practices will help you shatter those concrete walls.

If you have let go of parts of yourself that you are longing to reconnect to this circle is calling you to take this deep dive into those lost places.

 We’ll be working with the fire and passion of the solstice. If you can’t already tell I’m on fire and ready to move some serious energy. The more of us that stand together in this circle the more powerful this circle will be.

So please bring your fierce heart and healing spirit to contribute to the container of this circle, as we claim the freedom of our inner world.

A circle of courageous women is unstoppable!

 If you feel the fire and the invitation is stirring your soul….

reserve your space.

We will gather at LDTC live in person  and simultaneously on Zoom if you are not in this area.

On June 23rd

2:00-3:30 pm…. CENTRAL time     (Same as Chicago)

3-4:30 pm……… East Coast

1-2:30 pm……… Mountain

Noon-1:30 pm…. West Coast