Meditation Instruction for Transformation


Are you struggling with meditation? Let me reassure you—it’s not your fault! The technique you’re using might just need a tweak. Often, the missing link is guidance from a qualified meditation instructor. My name is Leela Devi and I am a seasoned meditation instructor. I know that acquiring the necessary skills is essential. Despite common misconceptions that meditation should be easy to master, and despite the apps that promise instant results, there truly is no quick fix. Our society thrives on distractions and overthinking, making the art of meditation seem like a distant dream. But with the right foundational skills, taught by a dedicated meditation instructor, achieving tranquility becomes attainable.

Meditation can be a profound experience if you follow a proven, step-by-step method that effectively reduces your mental resistance and clears the clutter in your mind. By doing so, you can deeply immerse yourself in the sacred practice of meditation.

For over 20 years, I have been helping individuals break down the barriers to a fulfilling meditation practice. What I’ve learned is that with regular, daily practice under the guidance of a meditation instructor, you can progressively delve into deeper states of meditation.

If you aspire to make meditation a cornerstone of your life, let my extensive experience guide you. Together, we’ll embark on a gentle, secure journey of transformation, reaching new depths of consciousness, connecting with our inner wisdom, and uncovering a realm of possibilities. Embrace the stillness that awaits; allow me to guide you through this transformative process as we explore meditation together.

Beginner Mediation

Learn some tools for your meditation toolbox.


Learn how to be exactly where you are.


Learn why the breath is so important to meditation.


Through this journey together you will learn how to:


Replace mental chaos with a calm mind


Unplug from daily busy-ness and take time for yourself


Retrain your breathing habits; experience more energy and clarity


Relax your body and release distracting accumulated tension


Adjust your body position to reduce the physical pain caused by stillness


Dismantle the resistance that prevents you from sinking into meditation


Move from sporadic meditation attempts into a manageable daily practice


With a new consistent meditation practice in place, you will enjoy:


Showing up in life with more presence and energy


Rolling with life’s challenges with less anxiety and greater ease


Less worry and more joy with the application of embodied breath


Utilizing your intuition to make life positive decisions with clarity


Emanating new calmness to others around you


Decreased reaction to stressors


A strong connection to your intuition and your life purpose which will lead you to a life you love

Meditation Mentorship Options

Foundations of Meditation
  • 8 – 1 hour sessions
  • Construct a roadmap of distractions through journal writing
  • Practice concentration exercises to increase mental focus
  • Use chakra grounding to stabilize your body’s energy
  • Create a sacred space to hold your meditation practice
  • Identify distractions from the outer world
  • Develop a meditation routine that leads you to stillness
  • Reduce anxiety with embodied breath
  • Remove accumulated tension with relaxation sequences and movement
  • Work with body posture and props to remedy body pain in stillness
  • Use coaching to dissolve internal ego chatter
  • Meditating together to increase your stamina and skill for melting into stillness
Deeper Dive

Learn to use these tools & technologies:

  • 12 – 1 hour Sessions
  • Single Syllable Sanskrit Mantras
  • Bija Mantras of the 7 Chakras
  • Mouna- the Practice of Keeping Silence
  • 3 Guna’s of Spiritual Energetics
  • Nadis and the Energy Flow of Male & Female Energy
  • Create an Astral Temple for Distance Healing
  • Connecting to the Central Channel
  • Opening to Unlimited Universal Love
  • Increase the Flow of Chi Pathways in the Body

Sage & Sangha

Live a Transformed Life!