Leela Devi

“At summer solstice last year, I was called between the worlds into the deep realms of transformation. I stepped into the circle and danced until I melted down to pure ash…everything prior to that moment in time had to go into the fire.  I surrendered, kicking, screaming, crying, and ended up on the floor. When I rose, my arms stretched, and my wings unfurled.  I lifted my chest to the sky and soared to meet the Divine Feminine essence in the infinite creative universe. My being became the Phoenix that emerged from the ashes to soar unencumbered to soul’s highest purpose. I am ready to serve and bring service to women who are brave enough to melt down to ash and emerge to fly.

I can’t wait to help you kick in the doors of the restrictions of pleasing others, giving to the point of exhaustion, and making yourself small to make others comfortable! Let’s step into the circle, call in our wise woman, and create life from our deepest desire! It’s time to soar like the phoenix, fulfilling our calling from the seat of our soul.

From this place, all of everything is possible!”

– Leela

For 30+ years, Leela has her dedicated her life to a path of healing, growth, and spiritual awakening. The journey led her to investigate a wide range of alternative practices that empowered her to heal her physical body, experience higher realms of consciousness, and unite kindred spirits to grow a heart-centered tribe.  This path called for her to form, lead, and participate in spiritual based communities and tribes around the country. In alignment with her calling, she continues to be to mentor and guide those who desire lasting transformation.  Her life’s work is to offer an oasis to those who are drawn to the fiercely held safety and tenderness of sacred healing spaces of ritual circles, yoga classes, meditation courses, Reiki sessions, seasonal celebrations, potlucks, workshops, private sessions, and her kitchen table. She creates a refuge for those who seek comfort, peace, relaxation, acceptance, compassion, and radical listening. When Great Spirit sends a fellow traveler to the door, they are always welcomed into the tribe with loving care. 

At the age of 20, Leela released her social programming, setting a course for self-discovery; trying on everything she encountered and keeping only what fit. As she journeyed, she studied healing modalities which included:  Reiki, 12-step groups, co-counseling, herbal medicine, meditation, feng shui, ritual, community building, and 5 Rhythms dance. She has earned certifications in Reiki, Yoga, Herbal medicine, Coaching, and Facilitation, and received a BFA in Dance Performance, a Master’s degree in Education, and has 30 years of experience leading women’s circles.  Leela is always in the process of transformation, digging deep, peeling back more layers, kicking down more walls, and surrendering more and more to authentically embodiment of the essence of a mentor and leader.  Divine wisdom for calls her to give, share, and open doors, to serve those who are also destined to do this deep work. If you want to go deep… you are in the right place…bring it! Leela’s philosophy is “…to transform we must melt down to pure ash with nothing left behind, then we rise from the flame and soar as the unstoppable Phoenix.”

   Leela guides people who are in a time of challenge in their life to move from feeling contracted, isolated, and invisible to experience expansion, connection, and visibility as they discover new ways to show up in their daily routine. When clients feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and depleted from over-giving, Leela encourages them to expand their routines to include tools for self-care to bring more energy to their personal visions. Clients who have a sincere motivation to gain traction and momentum in these areas can utilize Leela’s expertise to design a clear and expedient path to regain balance and bring clarity to the path toward lasting change. The clients who are dedicated to breaking through barriers of personal growth to live from the seat of their soul, learn ways to freely follow their life purpose.  As their old patterns fall away, Leela sponsors them to develop new life skills, and in that process, their life’s purpose becomes clear. With this clarity of purpose, the client’s distractions lose their power, and steadfastness to life’s purpose becomes a way of being. Leela walks beside the client as they emerge free to make empowered choices that create a life of fulfillment and joy. She stands ready to offer support and gently assist with course correction as needed. As her clients evolve into living in an environment of generative life choices, manifesting their deepest desire becomes a reality. When clients step into a co-creative relationship with a life-positive universe opens and EVERYTHING becomes possible! At this point, Leela’s mission is accomplished. The client is out of the nest to soar to their highest potential, living a life of creation, expansion, and joy.

As a meditation coach Leela quickly zones in on client’s challenges and offers practices to assist with dissolving their resistance and mental chatter. Leela’s clients develop a consistent meditation practice that becomes a refuge from chaos and compulsive doing of daily life routines. They can unplug from overthinking and drop into deeper realms of consciousness where the discover peace and calmness. They are able leave meditation apps and step into the wisdom of their own stillness. As they develop their ability to experience stillness, a solid connection to their intuition results. With greater mental clarity, calmness and a connection to their intuition, clients have more joy and contentment with the overall satisfaction of their life. 

As a facilitator of women’s circles and workshops, Leela guides women out of non-possibility into living from the seat of their soul on fire with their vision. They excitedly explore life with confidence and grace manifesting in ways that were previously impossible. With mentorship, these women move out of over-giving, overdoing, and invisibility into living, purpose-filled lives of making impactful contributions and pioneering change. Leela supports them to break through their limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors to emerge into the best version of themselves. While Leela holds sacred space, the women ground to the land where they call in the energies of the moon, sun, earth, and the infinite cosmos. They grow into this process and discover how to co-create life in service to their vision. In ritual, Leela demonstrates how to release boundaries and limitations into the fire,  which opens space to ignite unstoppability. Without the old patterns, North star destiny pathway unfolds, and inspiration leads to radiance, joy, and greatness. As the year comes to a close, these women stand firmly on their destiny pathway, where the journey toward soul’s purpose becomes a constant way of life. They emerge, stepping into creating a life they love.