Daughters Of The Firebird

About Daughters of The Firebird

Welcome to the Daughters of the Firebird Community, we are a community which is a safe haven for women aspiring to lead an on-purpose life, to explore living with inner freedom, and to be seen, heard, and honored for their true inner brilliance.

Who Are We?

Daughters of the Firebird Women’s Circle is a year-long transformational journey for like-minded women who wish to create a new version of themselves. During this journey, you will envision the person you want to be as you emerge in the Spring of 2024 and be fully supported as you move toward that goal. Circle helps you stay on your growth edge by bringing awareness to limiting beliefs, connecting to a life-positive universe, learning to ask for help, and overcoming setbacks.

You will meet in person or online with other women where, together, you will create a safe place of connection, honest discussion, shared dreams, and laughter. Through the monthly meetings, check-ins, and personal reflection you will see tremendous growth.


Is This for You?

  • Do you long to revel in the feminine spirit and follow your intuition?
  • Do you want to explore spiritual practices that you thought were ‘taboo’?
  • Does the beat of a tribal drum stir your soul?
  • Does nature and the outdoors touch your soul and renew you?
  • Are you ready to shed the layers of societal roles that keep you constrained and feeling limited?

If this resonates, then step boldly out of life’s confinements into the freedom of this tribe of women and embrace the parts of you that are searching for a sacred place to shine.

What You Will Experience:

Connect to your intuition & gain clarity of your North Star Vision.

Create space in your life for meditation – in the stillness you can hear the whispers of your intuition.

Discover and step into your authentic self.

Bring your life into harmony with the moon, sun & seasons.

Enjoy free group offers such as meditation, yoga, rituals, shakedowns, live coaching, and new tools that support you in connecting to your body & listen to your intuition.


Client Reflections

Jackie M.

Leela has supported me to release the old story of “I’m not safe,” guiding me through a journey of self-discovery and growth. Through her patience and wisdom, Leela has taught me new skills that have empowered me to navigate life with confidence and resilience. She has equipped me with new tools I need to thrive in the face of challenges. With Leela’s guidance, I have embraced a new narrative of safety, one rooted in trust, inner strength, and a deep understanding of my own capabilities.

Sherri S.

Leela supported me to trust & believe more in myself.  She supported me to feel empowered.  She gave me many tools to add to my tool belt & they have been SO beneficial for me.  I’m forever grateful I found this group & had Leela beside me on the journey.  

Savannah R.

When we began in March 2023, I was here in a mode of investigation. I did not really know what my north star was and was searching for purpose and my path.

 Now in March of 2024, I am here to find ways to consistently stay on my north star pathway and to continue being in a community of like-minded sisters.

Linna T.

Leela supported me to breathe when I feel myself contracting and I am working on learning to trust myself.

Upcoming Sessions

Each Quadrant includes:

3 – 90 min live circle meetings on zoom

3 – 30 min live check-ins on zoom

8 – Growth & Reflection Practices

Private Facebook group for sharing reflections & deepening connection with circle members.

Additional Bonus material

Quadrant I – Spring

Change your limiting beliefs to self-value and optimize your energy. Move from self-sabotage into standing in soul aligned self.  You will increase your ability to make wise choices based on your intuition rather than an impulse reaction.

Quadrant II – Summer

Release controlling, managing, and and step into flow with the universal life force. Replace rigid attempts to control life with the ease of allowing the universe to energize your creative endeavors. With this new connection, experience timely opportunities and being in the right place at the right time with access to unlimited resources.

Quadrant III – Fall

Harness the power of soul aligned collaboration. Rewrite your beliefs about asking for help and embody high-level collaborative partnerships.  As you learn to recognize power partners, you will share resources and help each other manifest your deepest desires.

Quadrant IV – Winter

Live in service to your north star vision & learn to navigate life’s pitfalls & setbacks. Move solidly into your unique genius by consistently using new behaviors and mindsets of radial courage. Lean into these new skills and develop your ability to embody greatness. Become the woman you are meant to be by living an on-purpose life!

“If we’ve not met before, I’m Leela Devi. I partner with women who are disconnected from their intuition & life’s purpose, who want clarity to step out of the confinement of dictated roles into living freely from the seat of their soul. Join Daughters of the Firebird and allow me to hold a space for your inner brilliance to shine.”

–  Leela Devi

Leela Devi – Facilitator

Leela brings her facilitation and coaching skills, and 30 years of leading women’s circles to merge her gifts, expertise, and passions to create a loving, nurturing place to experience the full spectrum of personal growth, development, and self-actualization. Inside this sacred space, the spark of magic and liberation happens. She compassionately and gently guides each person to explore and discover the core essence of the fully empowered future self that we are all diligently working to embody and exude.

Feminine Power Certified Coach
Feminine Power Certified Facilitator

Sage & Sangha

Live a Transformed Life!