Have you ever wondered if relaxation and meditation are the same experience? With our dependency on digital devices, meditation apps tease us into thinking relaxation and listening to dreamy music is the practice of meditation.  At this point, it is important to ask yourself… is my objective to relax and relieve stress? Or are you seeking more?  If your purpose for pursuing meditation is simply to relax then apps are a great place.

If you are looking to dive into your internal landscape, apps are a good place to start but they aren’t going to get you across the finish line.  Learning how to relax is an art inside of itself.  After you are relaxed, how do you move into deeper realms of inner exploration?  Meditation requires steadfastness and discipline to channel our thoughts in an orderly pattern rather than allowing them to fly off in a thousand directions at once.

Part of you intuitively knows there is more to be revealed….You may be asking how do I find a road map to move deeper into a daily meditation practice. The answer is simple… meditation is a path of developing mindfulness.  Mindfulness cultivates your internal observer.  As you observe your thoughts instead of engaging with them, thoughts will begin to settle into calmness.  Simple right…  The beginning of mindfulness practice is to actively increase your ability to concentrate and focus the randomness of your mental chatter.  Concentration is a skill that can be developed with a series of practice exercises.

The other part of the process is bringing focus to the type of resistance that occurs when you begin to develop your skills of concentration. Our thinking brain is trained to instantly interject urgent distractions to keep you in the realm of excuses. The thinking mind works diligently to ensure you are doing any task rather than practicing meditation.  Feel familiar?

During the process of growing these skills, everyone will encounter obstacles. The obstacles depend on the individual person and the way their body reacts to attempts to meditate. Most people have trouble being still or finding a comfortable posture. Others have trained their bodies to be in a constant state of doing and business.  Or they are focused on the needs of others and uncomfortable shifting their attention themselves.  Others fear failure and aren’t willing to try something new. What is it for you? Everyone has a host of distractions stored in their muscle memories that are waiting to do their job…. Their job is to distract you from being still and listening to your inner wisdom.  Did you find yourself in one of those examples?

Unfortunately, this is where most people get lost; they fail to make it past the habitual distractions their body uses to keep them off the path of stillness.

Yes, there is a way out of the distraction jungle! The way forward is to track your brain’s distraction habits diligently. Focus your awareness on the consistent way your mind grabs your attention. What story does it use to catapult you into perpetual business?  This is the silly little game your brain uses to create an insecurity loop that captures your attention every time! What’s your phrase?  You know the one….Learning to identify these repetitive patterns will become easy and extremely predictable. When clearly identified the sound loop in your head becomes just a noise to breathe through.  Once clearly named, the distraction monster will begin to dissolve into concentration. You can do this!

Each time you practice, the skill of turning down the noise becomes easier.  Before long, moving beyond the mental chaos becomes a simple daily routine.

Once you dissolve the hurdle of your mind’s distraction games then you can begin to relax into deep stillness where inner wisdom resides. In stillness, you can open the door to creativity, inspiration, and satisfaction of knowing yourself.

With consistent practice anyone can become adept at stepping into mindfulness, at that point, mental chaos will cease to dictate your decisions. Calmness will become your guide, rather than chasing every thought that races through your mind at 2:00 am.  Sound familiar?

Did you know that when our inner calmness grows numerous benefits naturally occur?  We can follow our inner guidance to make decisions with ease. We intuitively understand what is aligned with our best interest.  We make healthier choices for our bodies and our lives. We sleep better. Our interactions with others are pleasant and contain less drama. Doors open and opportunities present themselves readily because we clearly HEAR our inner wisdom. We trust our guidance from within rather than running around trying to please everyone.

Does this sound like a place you would like to be?  When you are ready to move beyond the business of life and leave the mental chaos behind, let me be your guide for a one-on-one journey as you grow a connection to your inner wisdom.  Together we will create a daily practice that matches you and your lifestyle. As we take simple easy steps, you will steadily increase your skills and overcome your distractions.  Are you ready to step into your inner guidance and calmness? Let’s embark on a journey to discover your inner brilliance and creativity.

I have created an 8-lesson course that follows sequential steps to help you become successful and find your path to inner wisdom. Each session includes mindfulness practices and written reflections to help you create a road map for your own daily practice. I will be beside you every step of the way. As you encounter distractions, we will unravel the way these patterns keep you off track. In 8 weeks, you be well on your way to inner calmness, which will allow your inner brilliance to shine into the world. What’s your choice… chaos or calmness? Let me escort you across the finish line…