What would life be like if you had an internal GPS to guide you through life’s obstacles and warn you if you were making a choice that was not in alignment with your best self?

The good news is you already have an internal GPS; it is your intuition. “Yeah right!”

Actually, our body is continuously sending us signals and messages. The important part is learning how to hear the messages and read your body’s signals. It’s not as cryptic as it sounds.

One of the most readable signals is our breath. Take a moment to observe your breath. How are you breathing? Most of us during our daily rush about routines allow our breath to be shallow and constricted. Shallow breathing resides in our upper chest.  In our relaxed state our breath is deep in our body. Stop for a moment, place your hand just below your navel. Observe how you are breathing. Is your hand moving up and down as you breathe? If not make a conscious decision to shift the way you are breathing, deepen the size of your breath until you can feel your hand moving out as the diaphragm pushes down on the inhale and feel it move down as the diaphragm moves up on the exhale.  If you notice during the day your breath is shallow, take a moment and deliberately shift your breathing into the diaphragm. When you are tense or contracted your breath will tend to be shallow. When you are relaxed and open your breath will be deeper. Learning to tune into your breath is your first way to listen to your body’s signals.

Another way to tune into your GPS system is to observe how your body reacts when engaged in an unpleasant task. What physical reactions happen in your body? Does your jaw clench, your stomach tighten, or do your shoulders contract? If you think for a moment, you will remember what reaction your body has in a stressful situation, yes that’s it, you know that feeling! Personally, my gut contracts, my tongue presses to the top of my mouth and I hold my breath. These are the signals my body is saying “NO!”  As we learn to listen to the language our body speaks, it becomes easier to allow those body reactions to tell us what is in our best interest or not… We have trained ourselves to ignore those signals; with practice, we can learn to tune in. Our body doesn’t lie.

So, let’s test this theory. Stop what you are doing for a moment. Deepen your breath, take 10 diaphragm breaths with long slow exhales. Give your body a little shake to release your daily accumulated tensions. Now, recall a picture of your favorite food. You are really hungry, and you are anticipating savoring a delicious bite of this wonderful creation.  Imagine the different flavors rolling across your tongue. Let your body experience the full flavor of this yummy treat. Feeling extremely satisfied as you indulge deeply in the enjoyment of taste.  Feel the deliciousness all the down to your toenails. Now switch your mental picture to a 3-day old tuna fish sandwich that was left over in your refrigerator…take a bite…. What is your body’s reaction?  Does your body contract, stomach wretch, your throat tighten?   “That’s it!!!! That is the signal!”  That is the difference between your body openly saying “YES!!!”  Your body saying, “ YUK, No way!”  That reaction is your body’s language.

As you fine tune your skill of learning when your body is saying, “Yes” or it is saying, “No way!”  You are now on a path to living from your intuition. It takes practice to strengthen your observation muscle and learn to instantly recognize when your body is saying, “No that’s not for me.”  Before long you will be making better choices and listening to what your body has to say rather than allowing your mental chaos to dictate your life choices.

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This is one of my favorite topics; let’s explore it together! Learn to embody a keen awareness of your intuition that will lead you to your greatest self!