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Sage & Sangha

Meditation Coaching

Would you like to experience inner calm, stress relief & clarity? Are you unable to focus? Is your mind racing in overdrive? Does your meditation app not hold your attention or do you fall asleep? You can move beyond meditation apps and busyness into stillness with meditation coaching. Learn to unplug from chaos and overdoing – learn peace!

Sage & Sangha

Daughters of the Firebird

Do you long to revel in the feminine spirit and follow your intuition?  Do nature and the outdoors touch your soul and renew you? Are you ready to shed the layers of societal roles that keep you constrained and feeling limited?

Daughters of the Firebird Women’s Circle is a year-long transformational journey for like-minded women who wish to create a new version of themselves. During this journey, you will envision the person you want to be as you emerge in the Spring and be fully supported as you move toward that goal. Circle helps you stay on your growth edge by bringing awareness to limiting beliefs, connecting to a life-positive universe, learning to ask for help, and overcoming setbacks.

Sage & Sangha

Becoming Me

What would you do if you had more time & energy? Would you like to have more clarity & focus to pursue your dreams and desires? Would you like to have a balance between taking care of yourself and taking care of the needs of others?

If you answered YES to any of these, Becoming Me can help you create your personal roadmap to the freedom to invest in yourself while balancing your personal and professional responsibilities. Becoming Me will help you develop a crystal clear vision for your life and gather the energy, support, and inspiration to make your dream a living reality!



Have you ever wondered if relaxation and meditation are the same experience? With our dependency on digital devices, meditation apps tease us into thinking relaxation and listening to dreamy music is the practice of meditation.  At this point, it is important to ask...


What would life be like if you had an internal GPS to guide you through life’s obstacles and warn you if you were making a choice that was not in alignment with your best self? The good news is you already have an internal GPS; it is your intuition. “Yeah right!”...

Invest in Yourself


Leela Devi

Leela Devi, Transformation Coach and Facilitator, has dedicated her life to radically evolving women’s roles in a patriarchal society. Leela seamlessly meshes ideas, experience, and tools gathered through several decades of healing work and women’s leadership with the Feminine Power Principles of Transformation.

Her mentoring transforms lives by shifting from ordinary existence to an extraordinary life by fully embodying life’s purpose.


Client Reflections

Jackie M.

I really enjoy the variety of options to deepen my spiritual self as well as my own personal growth. Leela is an amazing coach, guide, and group facilitator. I’ve enjoyed meditation coaching, life coaching, and women’s circle as well as workshops.”

Amanda S.

Love her yoga class. Very calm and peaceful”

Arely V.

Leela is such a professional, experienced, and compassionate Coach. She has a healing gift! Thanks for all you do! 💕✨

Rachel C.

Leela has such an uplifting, enlightening, whimsical presence. Her teachings run deep and initiate great transformation. The yoga classes and movement sessions I have done with Leela were delightful!

Gennie H.

“Leela is a skilled transformation coach with a passion for helping women achieve success. I have benefited greatly from her gentle guidance and ability to help me find the root of issues that held me back.”

Sage & Sangha

Live a Transformed Life